Self- Care 101

Hey guys!

To kick things off  I’ve decided to dive into a topic near and dear to my heart: Self-care. Most people in my life would agree, I’m all about that self-care life. I love anything relaxing, cozy and that smells good. But I mean honestly, who doesn’t?

In the last year or so “self-care” has become a hugely popular buzzword, not only in the health and wellness world, but also in mainstream media. With major celebrities like Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen and even Justin Bieber coming out in support of slowing down and tuning in, the notion of personal love is taking a new direction. 

At its very core, self-care comes down to prioritizing your mental, emotional and physical health by identifying your current needs and nurturing them accordingly. However as you can imagine, this looks different for everyone. So to make things simple, I’ve put together a little list of my most essential self-care habits. Feel free to pull from it whatever speaks to you, or to comment with your own list of favorites!

  • Books! Hard copies, audio versions, self help and fiction. Having a wide range of literature to regularly access is helpful for me when I need to re-center my mind or just escape for a bit. I tend to fluctuate between genres depending on what I’m feeling in the moment, but stay tuned for book lists of  my current ride or dies.
  • Baths. Grab your favorite bubble bars and some epsom salt and get the water going. The bathtub is one of the best places to let yourself unwind.
  • Journaling. Whether it’s making gratitude lists or just letting things flow,  I find that getting my thoughts down on paper is a great way for me to sort through them more easily.
  • Clean sheets. Nothing says relaxation like a freshly made bed. Add some lavender spray, and you’ve got a little oasis of comfort smack dab in the middle of your room.
  • Essential oils. When I’m feeling tired/ anxious/ blah I will usually rub some on my wrists or behind my ears. I’m also a huge fan of investing in a good diffuser. They’re especially awesome in bedrooms and sitting areas.  
  • A fur baby. I mean honestly, enough said. 
  • Dark chocolate
  • Candles, because again, scent is everything.
  • Fresh air, especially when it’s a bit chilly out.
  • Taking a yoga class
  • Meditation 
  • Sunshine and time outside
  • Movement-Even if it’s just a short walk to get the blood flowing.
  • Quality time with people you love
  • Quality time with yourself
  • Movies- yes, I know electronics aren’t always ideal. However, sometimes a moderate Netflix session or a movie night in is exactly what the doctor ordered.